How to Avoid Predatory Lawyers


Written by Mackenzie Saunders:

No matter where you live, you probably see them everywhere: giant billboards of smiling personal injury lawyers who say they will fight for you after you sustain an injury. These big billboard lawyers spend millions of dollars on advertising each year so they can bring in the “easy”, “quick dollar” cases that will rake in lots of money for their firm. The personal injury billboard lawyers may seem like a good choice for legal representation after you’ve sustained a catastrophic injury, but in reality, this is not the case. You must avoid predatory lawyers who are only interested in how much money your case is worth because, if your legal team does not care about your recovery or your future, they will not give you the help or guidance you need during this difficult time. Read below to learn how to avoid predatory lawyers who are only trying to make quick money.

Choose an Experienced Lawyer

To avoid the predatory, quick-money lawyers, you should choose a legal team who has vast experience working with clients who have your type of injury. If you sustained a spinal cord injury, you will want to choose a spinal cord injury lawyer. If you sustained a traumatic brain injury, you should choose a lawyer with experience in TBI cases. Don’t opt for general, big billboard “personal injury lawyers” because they’re the first ones to pop into your head; oftentimes, these big billboard lawyers do not have experience with catastrophic injury cases, and they will not devote all of their time and resources to helping you win your case because they are only looking for quick money. You want a lawyer who will work hard and take their time on your case, and you want a lawyer who fully understands how to navigate your specific lawsuit.

Choosing an experienced lawyer will increase your chances of winning the compensation you need and deserve. The lawyer you pick is in charge of calculating the exact amount of money you need to cover your lifelong injury expenses. Catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, are incredibly expensive. Lifelong costs such as wheelchair repairs, doctor’s appointment expenses, ongoing rehabilitation, and accessibility modifications to your home must be considered in this calculation. If you pick a lawyer who does not have experience with your specific injury, your lawyer is very likely to underestimate your compensation. You can’t afford to choose a lawyer who asks for a small sum of money in court. You need a legal team who can properly calculate your lifelong injury expenses and fight to make sure you receive all the money you need.

To find a lawyer who truly cares, and to find a lawyer who gives you the greatest chance at winning your case, pick an experienced legal team. A lawyer’s experience and heart matters much more than the size of a lawyer’s billboard; remember this when choosing the right lawyer for your case.

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