Documenting NuMotion’s Poor Service


Written by Cassandra Brandt 

More than 250,000 people with spinal cord injuries or other disabilities that require mobility devices,  such as wheelchairs, depend on one company for those devices: NuMotion. Unfortunately that provider is failing us.

With 170 locations, people requiring these services shouldn’t have to suffer through significant wait times for wheelchair orders and equipment repairs, but this standard of service has become much too common. Orders are lost in translation and technicians unprepared.

Customers are getting fed up, as indicated by our recent social media surveys.

Upon becoming my provider, NuMotion was asked to either repair a piece of hardware which allows me to operate all functions of my power wheelchair independently, or provide me with a new wheelchair which I was due for. I was told a repair would be faster. After NuMotion ordered the wrong hardware four separate times, actually installing the wrong part once, I was advised to wait for the new wheelchair because more repair requests would delay it. I still didn’t receive the new wheelchair for several months.

This extended period in which I was unable to operate crucial functions on my equipment resulted in pressure sores, because I couldn’t shift my weight independently, and significant time in bed recovering from them.

I’m just one of thousands of patients who depend on quality medical equipment to lead a quality life.

Our wheelchairs allow for our independence and make it possible for us to leave our homes and participate in life. We depend on these medical devices in order to sit up, regulate blood pressure, and protect against pressure sores. Without our mobility devices we miss out on events, outdoors, opportunities and jobs.

The widespread negligence by NuMotion is discrimination against people with disabilities who often have no alternative but to depend on them because of medical insurance contracts.

We are collecting data about NuMotion’s failure to provide quality service to customers across the country. It’s time this company, which dominates so much of the industry, is held accountable.

If you have experienced poor service by NuMotion, the following documentation may hold them accountable:

(1) documents that show any delay in ordering/receiving parts (could include documents scheduling appointments for fittings/technicians; order forms; insurance documents; physician approvals; receipts, etc.)

(2) documents that show lack of technician training (anything that shows multiple people had to come out for the same repair or documents that show NuMotion came to complete a repair, didn’t do it correctly, and some independent shop had to actually complete the repair)

(3) warranty documents that outline who the manufacturer is and what their warranty on equipment is.

Documentation of this nature is critical in holding NuMotion accountable.

Let’s speak together against NuMotion. We need a mobility device provider to offer prompt and effective service so we can live our lives to the fullest.

We encourage anyone who has used NuMotion and received poor service to please fill out our survey and send us your documentation.