Class Action: Identifying Issues Faced by the Spinal Cord Injury Community


A class action is a legal proceeding in which one or more plaintiffs bring a lawsuit on behalf of a larger group, known as the class.

People with disabilities are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This legislation is in place to enforce accommodations, accessibility, and equity. Unfortunately, when businesses don’t comply, the responsibility of standing up for our rights falls on us.

This might look like fighting against a city that refuses to fix the sidewalks, suing a transportation service that doesn’t offer accommodations, taking action against a durable medical equipment provider that consistently provides poor service, even filing complaints against correctional facilities that confiscate mobility aids.

What To Know about a Class Action Lawsuit

In many situations these failures of government entities and places of business affect multiple people with disabilities who seek services. That’s where a class action lawsuit might be brewing.

Just last week in DC, parents and guardians of children with disabilities filed a class action lawsuit against DC’s Office of the State Superintendent for Education for failing to provide safe, reliable, and effective transportation to and from schools for children with disabilities.

Most of the obstacles to accessibility faced by individuals with disabilities in their communities are not isolated. Problems often affect the entire class of people with disabilities or mobility disabilities.

For this reason, class action lawsuits are sometimes brought against the cities and businesses that violate accessibility legislation.

Sometimes class action lawsuits are filed against a city or state government responsible for ensuring accessibility in the community. Last November, for example, a settlement was reached in which the City of Philadelphia agreed to make significant accessibility improvements such as adding thousands of curb ramps.

Then there’s taking action against the service providers who do a poor job of providing service. Consider Nu Motion; nationwide, people who use this durable medical equipment vendor are experiencing poor service when it comes to timely repairs and adequate services. If you’ve experienced poor service through this vendor let us know and you may be part of a class action lawsuit, too.

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