DC Wheelchair Bus Lift Defects

Every day, thousands of people in wheelchairs in the United States rely on lifts for public transportation vehicles. These lifts are designed to make public transportation more accessible for people in powerchairs and manual wheelchairs. However, catastrophic injuries from wheelchair bus lifts have become all too common across the nation. Unsuspecting users may be injured due to product defects or negligent use of the lift. If you or a loved one has been injured in a wheelchair bus lift accident, a dedicated DC lawyer could help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Common Wheelchair Bus Lift Injuries

Many different injuries have taken place on wheelchair bus lifts. Common injuries include:

If you have experienced any of the injuries listed above or another catastrophic harm, contact The Spinal Cord Injury Law Firm for a free consultation to discuss your legal options. We can fight for you to receive compensation for your injuries under the law.

Receiving Compensation for Your Injuries

There are two main causes of wheelchair bus lift accidents: product defects or negligence. A successful product defect or negligence lawsuit can recover compensation for your injuries, including monetary damages for past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost ability to work, and pain and suffering. The first step in receiving compensation for your wheelchair lift injuries is finding an experienced DC legal team to help you understand and navigate the legal process. The Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers are experienced in serious injuries and can fight for you.

The first main cause of wheelchair bus lift accidents is defective products. The wheelchair lift, or part of the wheelchair lift, may have been defective, ultimately causing you or your loved one’s injuries. If any part of the lift is proved to be defective, the lift manufacturer and/or seller may be held liable for your injuries. If the lift was defective due to long-term use or improper use, the transportation company may be held liable for failing to replace the lift before an injury took place. The party that is held liable for your injuries will be required to pay you compensation.

The second main cause of wheelchair bus lift accidents is negligence. Acts of negligence include a transportation employee improperly placing the wheelchair onto the lift, or a medical professional such as an aide incorrectly placing the individual into the wheelchair. No matter what the act of negligence may have been, the negligent party can be held liable for you or your loved one’s injuries under the law. To receive compensation from the negligent party, your DC lawyer must first prove negligence in a court of law. Proving negligence includes establishing that the negligent party—such as the transportation employee or the medical professional—owed you a duty of care, the party violated that duty of care through their act of negligence, and that your injury was a result of the party’s act of negligence. If proven negligent, the party may be required to compensate you for your injuries.

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Wheelchair bus lift injuries are unfortunately common in the United States. If your SCI, TBI, or another catastrophic injury was caused by a wheelchair bus lift defect, you may be able to receive compensation with help from a DC attorney. Contact The Spinal Cord Injury Law Firm at 1-877-SCI-FIRM today for a free consultation to discuss your legal rights.

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